Galileo UEF Speaker Cable specifications:

Uniform Energy Field (UEF) Cells:

·  Count- 4 UEF Cells per pair

·  Internal Conductor Material- 99.9999 Pure Silver and Pure Oxygen Free Copper

·  Dielectric- Air, TEFLON and Pure Japanese Silk

·  Chassis Material- Carbon Fiber


·  Silver Air Strings- 99.999% pure silver signal conductor, Air (sealed) dielectric

·  Tungsten Air String- 99.9999% pure tungsten conductor, Air (sealed) dielectric

·  Tricon String- 99.999% pure silver signal conductors, Teflon dielectric

·  Graphene is used in strings as well as UEF filtration

·  High Current Galileo String- Silver Matrix conductors, Modified PE dielectric

·  UEF Ground Plane System

Amp Leads:

·  UEF Silver Air / Tricon / High Current Strings

Speaker Leads:

·  Silver Air String / Tricon / High Current Strings / UEF Shielding

Cable Count:

·  Each Galileo UEF Speaker Cable is actually 10 separate pair of cables- 4 pair High Current Galileo Silver Matrix Strings, 1 pair Tricon Strings, 1 pair Silver Air Strings, 1 each Tungsten Air String, 1 each Silver UEF Ground Shield


·  Silver Spade or WBT 0610 AG Next Gen Signature Silver


·  High Definition Ground Plane System with UEF filtration.

UEF Filtration:

·  Precious metals / Graphene / Air, Silk and Teflon dielectrics

Hand build time:

·  Hand build time  - 10 hours

SR Ground Block (optional):

Galileo UEF interconnects have shields that can be grounded direct to earth with supplied ground cables bypassing your component’s power supplies for a lower system noise floor.

  • To improve performance further still use an optional SR Ground Block with its UEF Ground Filter to elevate overall system performance; not only can you star ground and UEF filter the shields on all Galileo UEF interconnects and speaker cables in your system, but can also ground all of your system’s components to the Ground Block for a dramatic lowering of your system’s noise floor for greater detail, clarity and musicality.
  • Many amplifiers will sound best without the ground shield engaged. Try your cables with and without the ground pigtail attached to a ground block and choose what sounds best for your system.