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PowerCell 12 UEF SE- Schuko
제 조 사 : Synergistic Research
판매가격 : 8,900,000 원
수량  개  
가  격
메인파워코드 옵션
장바구니 담기

SR 12UEF PowerCell 하이파이클럽 리뷰입니다  ==>

국내재고는 풀옵션제품인 SE모델만 보유하고있으며 하위사양이 필요하신분들은 별도로 연락주시기 바랍니다
감사합니다 es오디오

하이엔드 케이블 제조사인 Synergistic Research사에서 새롭게 출시된 PowerCell 12 UEF
12구 파워디스트리뷰터입니다..

전세계 하이엔드 오디오시장에서 어마어마한 리뷰와 상을 수상한 완전히 성능이 입증된 제품으로 SR만이 가지고있는 공간창출능력과 음의 가닥가닥을 고급스럽게 만들어주는 하이엔드 파워컨디셔너입니다..

- PowerCell 12 UEF
그래핀소재가 적용된 최초의 전원장치이며
Synergistic Research사의 새로운 특허기술인 UEF테크놀러지를 EM Cell에 적용시킨 전원장치입니다..
그래핀소재가 도입된 슈퍼컨덕터의 영향으로 EM Cell의 효율이 극대화되었으며
이전 PowerCell장치들의 옵션으로 판매되던 FEQ를 내장
AC노이즈를 RE-클라킹시킴으로써 극도로 낮아진 노이즈플로어를 제공하는 혁신적인 파워디스트리뷰터입니다..

기본번들파워코드로 동사의 Black UEF High Current 파워코드가 내장되어있으며


PowerCell 12 UEF 230V Models and Pricing



PowerCell 12 UEF - 6,800,000원

  • 6 Tesla Plex Duplex
  • Includes UEF Black 10 Awg AC Power Cord
  • 12awg wiring


PowerCell 12 UEF S - 메인파워코드를 그래핀 소재가 도입된 Atmosphere LV3 High Current AC로 변경,내부 와이어링 12AWG와 10AWG조합(8,200,000원)

  • 6 UEF Black Duplex
  • Includes Atmosphere PowerCell Level 3 AC Power Cord
  • 10awg and 12awg wiring

PowerCell 12 UEF SE - 상판 투명아크릴,메인파워코드를 그래핀 소재가 도입된 Atmosphere LV3 High Current AC로 변경,내부와이어링 10AWG(8,900,000원)

  • 6 UEF Black Duplex
  • Includes Atmosphere PowerCell Level 3 AC Power Cord
  • 10awg point-to-point wiring
Galileo SX PowerCord 업그레이드 4,000,000원 추가

Synergistic Research사는 미국캘리포니아에 위치하고있으며 25년이 넘는 시간동안 하이엔드케이블 시장에서 자리를 확고히 다진 전통의 하이엔드 케이블 제조업체입니다.
케이블업계최초로 Tungsten소재를 케이블에 접목을 시켰으며 MPC를 이용한 엑티브 쉴딩기술,에니그마 튜닝뷸렛을 이용한 미세튜닝,백만볼트를 이용한 초고압처리등 현존하는 케이블업체중 가장 과학적이고 체계적인 케이블 제조방법을 제시하고 있습니다.

(사진상의 제품은 110V미국용 제품이며 한국에 들어오는 물건은 220v용 Shucko타입으로 들어옵니다)

Synergistic Research NEW PowerCell 12 UEF:


The PowerCell 12 UEF directly applies UEF technology to both the PowerCell’s ground plane and as a separate filter inside the PowerCell’s internal Electromagnetic Cell while an Ultra Low Frequency Field -or- ULF Generator re-clocks the (6) EM Cells with a rich low frequency harmonic making 60-cycle noise a thing of the past. Combined UEF Filter technology, and ULF Field Generation make this our most effective and musical PowerCell to date.


Developed exclusively for the PowerCell 12 UEF, the ULF Field Generator directly connects to the PowerCell's (6) EM cells to lower your system’s noise floor by re-clocking AC with a rich low frequency harmonic that overrides noise and hash found in common 60 cycle AC. 


The New PowerCell 12 UEF is the culmination of years of research into electromagnetic cell design and represents the apex of AC line filtration with nothing in the signal path and absolutely no current on demand limiting.


The New PowerCell 12 UEF is the first PowerCell to utilize Graphene a near super conductor at room temperature to dramatically increase EM Cell efficiency. Components plugged into the new PowerCell 12 UEF actually draw more current than they do when connected to directly to the wall due to the new EM Cell topology acting like a Super Capacitor to deliver peak current on demand that surpasses available wall current. Test measurements show components connected to the new PowerCell to have a 2db drop in the noise floor and increased dynamic headroom.








Unique features to the PowerCell 12 UEF over all previous PowerCell models

  • Internal power supply for biasing EM Cells - no more MPC's plus higher performance over Galileo MPC's 
  • Internal ULF Generator to bias AC to the Earth's Schumann Resonance for a dramatic drop in a system's noise floor 
  • 10 awg. Mil Spec Silver Clad Wire (standard on top tier models only)
  • 2 each SR Power Transformers
  • 8 each SR Quantum Capacitors in EM Cell power supply and ULF field generator
  • Metal chassis is more durable and in keeping with the same look as other components in a system 
  • New Quantum BLACK Duplex and Shuko outlets dramatically outperform TeslaPlex SE outlets 
  • 12 outlets are better than 10 
  • New 6 EM Cell topology acts like a 'Super Capacitor' to increase peak current on demand allowing components to draw more current than when connected directly to the wall for added dynamic headroom 
  • Top tier models come standard with a special 10-gauge Atmosphere Level 3 Active power cord that does not require a separate MPC, just plug and play like standard non-active power cords- no extra wires!

PowerCell 12 UEF specs:


  • Construction: Aluminum/Carbon Steel Dimensions:
  • Height 5.5″ x Width 17.5″ x Depth 13.5″
  • Weight: 19 lbs.
  • Internal Active UEF EM Horizontal Plane Cell area: 640 square centimeters
  • 5 x Internal Active UEF EM Folded Carbon Fiber Cell area: 2343.15 square centimeters total
  • Connector Input:  1 each Neutrik 32 amp PowerCon
  • 2 Isolated Output Banks; can be used to isolate analog from digital components
  • Connector Output US: 12 each SR Black Outlets (Two stage Quantum Treatment)
  • Connector Output Euro: 12 each SR Black Schuko outlets (Two stage Quantum Treatment)
  • 2nd Generation FEQ transmitter/antenna array to bias AC to the Earth's Schumann Resonance
  • Pure Silver Ground Strap 62 square centimeters of 99.995% pure silver
  • Power Cable: Atmosphere Level 3 optimized for PowerCell 12 UEF (standard on top tier models only)
  • 10 awg. Mil Spec Silver Clad Wire (standard on top tier models only)
  • 2 each SR Power Transformers 8 each SR Quantum Capacitors


Voltage and current Rating:


  • Input Rating: 32 amp/250v
  • US Version: Rating is limited by the US Outlet rating of 20amp/125v
  • Euro Version: Rating is predicated upon the Schuko Outlet rating of 16amp/250v  






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